Customer Hands-Off Approach

Enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house team of specialists without the expense. Working with us, you can keep your eye on the big picture – your product – while we take care of the details.
  • On-site industry vetted engineers to assist with design & materials
  • Experts in handling global supply chain logistics
  • Quality control professionals with flexible PCB and flex circuit manufacture expertise
  • Local program managers that keep you informed
  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

No matter how complex the process gets, we make sure that the end result is a quality product, delivered to you on time.

Turning Concepts into Customer Realization

Why work with separate manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, and so much more when you could have everything handled for you, beginning to end? We combine the engineering expertise of an interconnect manufacturer with the reliability of dedicated logistics and supply chain professionals.

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  Expert Design & Engineering

There’s a reason why we call them “flexperts.” Their extensive industry knowledge lets them integrate embedded passives, aluminum heatsinks, and other specialized components into a design that meets your needs. We offer particular expertise in the area of controlled impedance, which keeps signals intact and free from distortion even at high frequency.

  24/7 Customer Support

We believe in high-quality tech with a personal touch. Our local customer service teams are there to help you troubleshoot and make your process work. Whether you need assistance with inventory, logistics, or another process altogether, your service agent can connect you with the right resources.

  Reliable Sourcing

An industry this complex demands a deep understanding of the global supply chain. Our experience and dedication to personal connections translate to attractive pricing for you and your budget. We are uniquely positioned to offer these quality and affordable components as part of a reliable integrated logistics strategy so that your PCB assembly solution gets to you when you need it.

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